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Azoteq’s ProxSense® offers the most sensitive and robust capacitive proximity and touch technology. ProxSense® controllers can sense capacitive changes as small as 100 atto Farads with a signal-to-ratio of 1000:1.

Capacitive, Inductive, Hall-effect, IR and Ambient light sensors, combined into single package, small BOM, IC solutions.
A world first in the high level of integration and low power consumption.


Pioneer in Sensor Fusion Solutions

Azoteq is a fabless semiconductor company founded by Dr. Frederick Bruwer in 1998. Azoteq is a pioneer in multi-sensor solutions offered on a single IC. With more than 12 years of capacitive sensing experience, the sensor offering is now expanded to include ProxFusion® multi-sensor technology. The first generaton of ProxFusion® offers capacitive sensing, Hall-effect, IR, PIR, inductive and ambient light sensing.

Azoteq offers sensing solutions for consumer electronics, remote controls, wearables, PC peripherals, the IoT and security applications. Multiple patents and trademarks cover Azoteq’s intellectual property.

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