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The World’s Safest Isolators: 16 mm Creepage with NVE Isolators

The World’s Safest, Most Reliable Isolators

NVE’s isolators are known for their unique ceramic/polymer composite isolation barrier, the toughest, most reliable isolation barrier in the world. Offering up to 6000 Vrms isolation voltage and 1200 Vrms working voltage under the IEC 60747-17 (VDE 0884-17):2021-10 “gold standard,” and a virtually unlimited 44000-year barrier life, NVE isolators truly are in a class of their own.

Unlike competing digital isolators, NVE isolators have True 8™ SOIC wide-body packages, the world’s only JEDEC-standard SOIC16 wide-body packages with true 8 millimeter creepage, which is required for medical safety and other equipment under IEC60601.

NVE isolators

Increasing Voltages; Increasing Creepage Requirements

The proliferation of increasingly higher voltages in e-mobility and certain medical safety applications is creating more demanding creepage requirements.

Fortunately, NVE’s new IL7000-Series Isolators with Integrated DC-to-DC Converters allow a simple solution for these demanding applications. Two True 8™ millimeter creepage packages in series provide true 16 millimeter creepage.

The illustrative circuit below demonstrates 16 millimeter creepage SPI isolation using NVE’s IL7x17VE and IL717VE in series. The IL7x17VE’s integrated DC-to-DC converter provides a floating supply to power the controller side of the IL717VE.

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