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The World’s Most Sensitive TMR Magnetometers

World’s Most Sensitive TMR Magnetometers by NVE

NVE’s new ALT021-10E is the world’s most sensitive TMR magnetometer, with 500 mV/V/mT sensitivity and field detection as low as 100 nano-tesla.
These sensitivity figures make the ALT021 competitive with coils, but NVE’s remarkable sensors also offer a flat frequency response from DC to 100 kHz and an ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm package.

world’s most sensitive TMR magnetometer
Bipolar Output
The differential bridge outputs are bipolar, meaning positive for a positive field and negative for an opposite field polarity.
The ALT021-10E is idela for a number of low-field sensing applications, including motion, speed, and position control; non-contact current sensing; motion, speed, and position control; and mechatronics and robotics.
Best-in-Class Specifications
Key ALT021-10E specifications include:
  • High sensitivity (0.5 millivolts per volt per microtesla typical)
  • Large signal (200 millivolts per volt typical full-scale)
  • Flexible 0 to 14 volt supply (no minimum)

  • 20 kiloohm device resistance for low power
  • 250 microtesla linear range
  • –40 to 125 degree Celsius operating range
  • 2.5 by 2.5 millimeter DFN package

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