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Carrier-Grade Multi-Sync Gateway

1588 PTP GrandMaster

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Carrier-Grade Multi-Sync Gateway

1588 PTP GrandMaster

About Qulsar

Qulsar delivers precise context for multiple mission critical applications. Time and position establish the physical context of a device or event. Precise time plays a key role in making networks more efficient, and in deducing the behavior of a complex, inter-connected dynamic system. Today, our precise timing solutions are playing a key role in solving the bandwidth bottleneck in advanced mobile networks and in enabling real-time applications in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT / M2M).

Our solutions see deployment in:

  • 5G infrastructure (Qulsar solutions are specially suited for indoor & campus deployments)
  • Sensor and data fusion in real time industrial IoT
  • Autonomous (and ADAS enabled) vehicles and drones
  • Power and smart grid infrastructure
  • Fault tolerant positioning and navigation systems

Qg 2: Carrier Grade Multi-Sync Gateway and PTP Grandmaster

Qg 2: Carrier Grade Multi-Sync Gateway and PTP Grandmaster

As 5G evolves from non standalone (NSA) supporting 4G today, to a standalone (SA) architecture with 5G NR, the support for massive MIMO radios, network slicing, low latency and tight synchronization are critical considerations. In order to meet phase and frequency requirements for applications in the 5G service based architecture, deploying more GMs (PRTC) in RAN and at the edge is the optimal solution that helps in future proofing the deployment and associated investment.  The low cost, small footprint Qg2 will be a natural choice for all networks – carrier, cloud provider and private networks.

With virtualization and decomposition of 4G/5G base stations, the newly designed data-centers and CORDs (Central Office Re-architected as Data Centers) require a very high capacity, easily scalable PTP master (T-GM, T-BC) in providing synchronization to hundreds of PTP slave devices. Qg2 with its rich set of features easily meets this challenge..

Next generation networks require this decentralized approach. The Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS) architecture is designed for these networks and deliver precise phase and frequency to small cells in a scalable and cost-effective manner. Qg 2 is highly field-scalable solution and designed for such edge distributed architectures.

5g infrastructure

Qg i + QSync: integrated subsystem for high precision clock solutions

Qg i & QSync is a hardware & software solution delivering a full time sync capability for integration into systems that require precision sync capabilities.  Especially adapted to whitebox servers and systems being implemented for open specifications such as ORAN and OTII

Qg i + QSync: integrated subsystem for high precision clock solutions


Implementation DC/CU server

A general implementation appears above.  This is a powerful architecture, leveraging all the strengths of the “host processor” as well as the NICs in the system.  The Qg i + QSync implementation enable complete coordination of sync across the system.

specialized Implementation

A more specific implementation (above) leverages the Xeon’s network interface capabilities and strengths.  This too, is a complete sync system using the Qg i + QSync combination to implement a complete solution.

Our Solutions

The world’s systems and networks are becoming increasingly interconnected while being disaggregated and virtualized.  Precise time synchronization is becoming the essential “thread” weaving together the worlds of efficient communications (through better coordination and spectrum management) and real-world data streams through data and sensor fusion.

4G and 5G mobile networks are fast becoming the primary link to edge solutions over which flexible interconnections are established.  Precision sync solutions are now required as an essential enabler for the their operations.

Once interconnected, systems will generate an ever increasing amount of data.  Real time data from “cyberphysical” systems is meaningless without its context (position and time).  For real time systems, this data needs to be wrapped in its context.

Qulsar unique technologies and solutions enable both these underserved needs.

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