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Magnetic Sensors

Precision in an imprecise world

NVE is a leader in spintronic sensors. NVE sensors are smaller, more sensitive, and more precise than conventional sensors such as Hall effect or AMR. NVE developed the first commercial spintronic GMR sensors in 1995. Since then, our product line has grown to include a range of analog sensorsdigital sensorsangle sensorsgear tooth sensorscurrent sensorsmedical sensorssensor evaluation kitsperipheral ICs such as voltage regulators and short-circuit protection, and accessories (circuit boards and magnets). We also provide sensors with custom magnetic, electronic, and packaging specifications.


The Opto Alternative

With over 100 models available, IsoLoop Digital Isolators are the ideal alternative to optocouplers. NVE’s award-winning family of galvanically-isolated interface products is based on patented spintronic GMR technology. This technology provides unprecedented small size, high speed, low pulse width distortion, high common mode rejection, high isolation, working, and surge voltages, excellent magnetic immunity, best-in-class EMC, and unlimited life with no degradation.

Product lines include the industry-standard IL700 / IL200-Series, the IL4- / IL3-Series single-chip isolated RS-485/RS-422/PROFIBUS/CAN transceivers, the cost-effective IL500-SeriesIL600-Series Passive-Input Isolators, V-Series 6 kV Isolators, and IL800-Series top-of-the-line Isolators.

IsoLoop Isolators are available in MSOPQSOPSOICPDIP0.15″ SOIC-16, and 0.3″ SOIC-16 packages. They have up to 5 channels per device, up to 150 Mbps, and up to 125°C.

Popular applications include RS-485PROFIBUSserial interfacesisolated I²Cisolated Controller Area Network (CAN Bus)isolated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)isolated A/D convertersisolated PLCsisolated audio, and isolated power interfaces.

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