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Audio Predictive Maintenance by Seltech

Predictive maintenance : Detecting Underlying Failures with Sound Sensors

Identifying anomalies in machine-generated sound for proactive issue detection

Recognizing anomalies in sound generated by machines has become a critical aspect of maintenance, as it enables the early detection of faults and problems. Leveraging the advancements in AI technology, sound-based Condition-based Monitoring has achieved a significant breakthrough. Sound serves as a pivotal indicator due to the unique ‘sound fingerprint’ associated with each piece of equipment. The AI system excels at discerning and recognizing these distinctive sound profiles.

Modern high-quality microphones possess the capability to capture subtle sounds emitted by machines, which may differ when underlying issues are present. Remarkably, these sounds can be detected even if their frequency falls outside the range of human hearing. This cutting-edge technology enables the identification of malfunctioning components in their initial stages by closely monitoring sound anomalies, thus preventing their escalation into catastrophic problems. Consequently, sound emerges as the most prominent indicator of impending machine failure when compared to alternative monitoring tools.

Sensor Key Information Target Faults
Low cost/power/size, frequencies up to 20 kHz
Bearing condition, gear meshing, pump cavitation, misalignment, imbalance, load condition
Ultrasonic microphone
Low cost/power/size, frequencies up to 100 kHz
Pressure leaks, bearing condition, gear meshing, pump cavitation, misalignment, imbalance


  • Heavy machinery
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas, Water
  • Mining
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture

Easily Tackle Unplanned Downtime

Seltech will design and manufacture the sound sensor appropriate to your environment (Ingress protection, Sensor protection,…)

  • Tailored solution
  • High quality microphone to pick out the subtlest anomalies and deliver quality acoustic datas 
  • Worldwide deliveries 

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